Kohl's Men's Basic $10 off $40 (Socks and Underwear). Stack with cardholder 30%/FS and $10 Discover KC

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Kohl's is usually very overpriced compared to mass merchandise retailers in the socks/underwear category, but a combination of deals can make them competitive. Also, if you want more expensive brands (Jockey, etc.), this can be a good deal. I have taken the information from the main Kohl's threads and separated the deal specifically.

There are two listing pages for merchandise that should fit into this coupon code:

Those that the company has 'marked' with the coupon code:

And those in the category in clearance (which usually will work with the code):

It is those in the latter link that may be hotter deals, such as Fruit of the Loom Signature fitted 7 pack for $14.40 before discounts (not comparable to the Basic version sold for under $10 elsewhere):

Or 6 pack Kohl's house brand t-shirts:https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-906089/croft-barrow-6-pk-tee-m...

Big and Tall also available!

Remember, you need to get $40 in qualifying items before any coupons/discounts. Here are the codes you can then use once you have $40 of qualifying items:

JULYBASICS ($10 off $40 for everyone in Men's Basics category through 7/22)
DIscover Deals $10 one-time code KC from discover.com (for most DIscover cardholders if not already used)
BBQ30 (through 7/23 for cardholders only - 30% off)
FREE4JULY (through 7/23? for cardholders only - free shipping)

HEATWAVE15 (through 7/23 15% off for non-KC holders that stacks on top of $10 off $40)

At best, if you have $40 of merchandise and can apply the $10/$40, $10 Discover cash, 30% and free shipping, you can have a total of $14 before tax with free shipping.


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